‘Alikuwa tu anashinda akinitusi matusi kubwa kubwa’ Mejja’s Ex Reaveals

‘Alikuwa tu anashinda akinitusi matusi kubwa kubwa’ Mejja’s Ex Reaveals

Musician Mejja’s ex girlfried Milly Wairimu has cited cheating as the reason for their separation.

Wairimu who wished Mejja nothing but a bad life during his birthday claims that the musician also assaulted her and abused her during their dating period.

She however says that she is still in love with the musician but insists that she will never date him.

 “Huyo shemeji yenyu alinifanya nipitie so much, cheating is one of them and many others. BTW he is very abusive, unajua kukuwa abusive si lazima upige mtu, there is also emotional, not like alikuwa ananipiga alikuwa tu anashinda akinitusi matusi kubwa kubwa. The truth is I will always love him but he is not good for me,” Wairimu said.

She says that she gave Mejja many chances and after she realized that he was never going to change, he packed and left.

 “I just got tired na nikarealize kuna maisha bila yeye. I just loved him very much and then I realized nampea chances but he will never change so I packed my stuff na nikaenda. Mimi ndio nilipack na nikaenda. Mahali niko naenjoy maisha na nikona peace of mind which is very important. The only time we communicate is when we are drunk and his women calling me kunipasha,” she added.

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During Mejja’s birthday, Milly shared a photo of the two and wished him nothing but bad life.

“Happy birthday idiot I wish you nothing but bad life I mean you have to pay for your wicked ways jibambe,” she wrote.

The two broke up in December 2020 after dating for 1 and half years.

By: Emmaline Owuor

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