Apple Music for Artists: How to Get Verified on Apple Music

Apple Music for Artists: How to Get Verified on Apple Music

 If you haven’t already, now’s the time to claim your Apple Music artist page & get verified.

An Apple Music for Artists account helps break down your music’s stats and performance, so you can see where your tracks are being streamed & playlisted on the platform.

Before you can log into Apple Music for Artists and track your music, you need to release music to Apple Music, claim your artist page, and verify who you are.

How to claim your Apple Music artist page

You can only access Apple Music for Artists if your music is already available on the platform, or if you’ve uploaded your first release to Gotchscape & it’s been accepted by Apple Music (you’ll know this has happened when you receive your Pre-Save SmartLink.
How to sign up for Apple Music for Artists:
  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign Up followed by Request Artist Access.
  3. Copy & paste your iTunes Store artist link into the text box.
  4. Select your artist name & complete the verification process.

How to find your iTunes Store artist link: 
  1. Search your artist name & head to your artist profile on iTunes.
  2. Click the 3 dots on the right hand side of the screen.
  3. Select Share Artist, followed by Copy Link.
If you don’t have an iTune artist profile yet, but you’ve uploaded your first release to Gotchscape and received your Pre-Save SmartLink, you can email to request your iTune Store artist link ahead of your release date.
How to change your Apple Music artist profile picture
Once you’re logged into your Apple Music for Artists account, you can change your artist profile picture by clicking on the ‘Manage’ tab.
Then just click ‘Upload Image’ and choose your new profile picture. You may need to wait for up to 48 hours for it to be approved.

Apple may disapprove your artist profile picture if it does not meet their guidelines. 
Make sure to only upload high-resolution images with no additional text, logos or explicit content. A simple hi-res head-shot should do the trick.

How does Apple Music for Artists work?

Apple Music for Artists allows you to track all sorts of stats & trends around your music’s performance on the platform. Let’s look at some of the stats you can view!


The overview tab let’s you see the top-level stats about your music across Apple Music and iTunes, including total plays, average monthly listeners, song purchases and Shazam requests.
You’ll also receive notifications about specific Insights here. These include streaming milestones, location based achievements and more.


The Trends section of your Apple Music for Artists account is a place to drill down further into the data behind your music.
You can use the drop-down menus to and filter your streams by individual songs, playlists, locations, ages, genders and more.


With Apple Music’s Places data, you can discover how many plays, downloads and Shazams your music is getting in specific regions of the world.

TIP: Use your Trends & Places data to adapt your promo strategies. For example, if you see you’re getting lots of streams in France, you could increase your marketing budget in the country.

 Your Music

Head to the Your Music section of your account to analyse individual tracks and releases. This tab also includes radio spins.

A Radio Spin is counted whenever a user plays your track for over 30 seconds while listening to an Apple Music radio station. Apple Music radio stations are created when a user picks a song or an artist to generate a custom radio station or from an Apple Music curated radio station.

Apple Music for Artists is a great tool for digging into the data behind your streams and planning your marketing strategies. So if you can, go claim your account right now! 

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