Environmentalist Anita Soina cleared to vie for Kajiado North seat

Environmentalist Anita Soina cleared to vie for Kajiado North seat


Environmental advocate Anita Soina has been cleared by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to contest for the Kajiado North constituency seat in the August 9 polls.

The 22-year-old confirmed the stance on her socials while sharing her gratitude message to her supporters.

“I don’t take this chance for granted. I give thanks to God, my able party leader of the Green Thinking Action Party (GTAP), and Kajiado North residents,” she explained.

“This is not for me, it is for us. The journey to bunge is unstoppable and we are going to articulate all issues affecting us in the right way with passion and boldness. The Green Agenda must also agend,”

In an earlier interview with Nairobi News, the aspiring politician confirmed her interest in changing the face of politics in Kenya.

The corporate communication graduate’s ambition for politics quickly blossomed in recent times.

“What I want is to change the culture of politics. I can’t do that while seated at home. I have to start by myself, go out there and do what is required, and as time goes by we will have a just and equitable space,”

As a young active climate change activist, Soina stated that GTAP is the political party that she felt drawn to because the agenda of the party is in line with what she fights for and would like to continue fighting for as a leader.

“GTAP because being an environmentalist means thinking green agendas and GTAP is the party because it is one that has clearly shown and indicated the agenda they have for the environment,”

“We tend to put the environment last because we think we need to eradicate poverty first. I have always looked at the environment as the first and most critical issue we need to solve.”


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