Eric Omondi to host another comedy show in Egypt

Eric Omondi to host another comedy show in Egypt

Self-proclaimed president of Comedy Eric Omondi has revealed why he did not publicize his show in Egypt.

The comedian says that it was his first show and did not have a big hall to accommodate all the Kenyans living in Egypt.

People really complained in Egypt because when I arrived in Egypt people did not know and only noticed after the show. Hatukuipublicize sana but now we want to publicize hii ya September because we are going to get a bigger hall and we are doing it bigger. I agree we did not publicize it so much as we should have done it,” Eric said.

According to the comedian, the show was a success and he will be hosting another show in Egypt again in September.

Egypt was amazing, it was historic because hakuna msani wa Africa ashawahi fanya show in Egypt, no Nigerian, no Tanzanian and any other country. Nobody has ever done a show in Egypt and to me it was such an honor. It was a big and successful show and we are going to have another show on 7th September due to public demand and others could not make it. It was a one man show, comedy and party,” he added.

The comedian said that he failed to do comedy because of the love he received from Kenyans who live in Egypt.

I did not experience any challenge in Egypt, people turned up. And for the first time nilishindwa kufanya comedy and that is why I am going back. The moment niliingia people just lost it and I have never seen so much love. A lot of people there wamekaa more than 14 years na wengine ata hawajawahi niona and they were very happy to see me,” says the comedian.

By: Emmaline Owuor

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