Mutua Denies Claims That He Was The Reason Nonini Left MCSK

Mutua Denies Claims That He Was The Reason Nonini Left MCSK

Ezekiel Mutua the CEO of Music Copyright Society of Kenya has denied claims that he was the reason Nonini terminated his MCSK contract.

The CEO said that Nonini relocated to the USA and wanted to belong to the Collective Management Organization there.

He went ahead and said that the process of Nonini terminating his contract started way before he became the CEO of the MCSK.

“Nonini followed the procedure, he said his family is in the US and he has joined them there, he wants to belong to a CMO there. The procedure started even before I joined MCSK, it started in February and I joined at the end of March,” Mutua said.

Mutua further said that Kenyan artists have the freedom to exit the MSCK as long as they follow the procedure of terminating their contract.


“You don’t have to give reasons why you are leaving but there is a clause on determination to do the due diligence so you can be given your money. Leaving is like the way you belong to a certain Sacco, I am just leaving one where I have been a member for many years because I want to join another one which I think is better or for personal reasons,” he added.

However, according to Nonini, he terminated his contract because the MCSK was not performing its designated function.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Moving on to something that actually works.  #Mgenge2ru,” wrote Nonini.

By: Emmaline Owuor

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