Police re-arrest man who stole phone moments after release from jail

Police re-arrest man who stole phone moments after release from jail


Police have re-arrested a man suspected to have been involved in a crime hours after he was released on bond from the court where he’d been charged with another offence.

Paul Gaitho, 26, was on Monday arraigned in court for a misdemeanor office and granted temporary release pending a hearing and determination of the case.

Only to be arrested that evening for robbery in an incident Police had to rescue him from an irate mob that included bodaboda riders, according to a statement by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

“Earlier, Gaitho and an accomplice who escaped the attack narrowly had snatched two mobile phones from unsuspecting victims, a woman and a man, who were walking along the road at Lari’s, Mathore market,” the statement read in part.

The duo was on a motorbike and then sped off leaving their last victim identified as Mr Patrick Kamau wailing in distress after the robbery.

However, hawk-eyed bodaboda riders at a nearby shed went after the suspects.

“In their characteristic manner and style, a scuffle ensued as over five bikes would dash towards anyone demonstrating signs of being in need of nduthi services and the first to engage the passenger successfully would win his trip,” the statement revealed.

They were alerted by screams from locals who were asking anyone to nab the robbers who were running away from the scene.

It is then they opted to go after the duo in their get-away motorbike.
The bodaboda riders managed to recover two mobile phone that had been stolen from the victims.
The motorbike had a defaced registration number was also impounded by the officers and towed to Lari police station.

Police officers have launched a manhunt for the other suspect.


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