Shameful for Uhuru ,Ruto not to share a table at the prayer breakfast

Shameful for Uhuru ,Ruto not to share a table at the prayer breakfast

Isn’t prayer beautiful? It is beautiful because it helps one develop a relationship with God. In fact it is always commendable and a good thing to see our political leaders engage in prayer. That they can easily drop their rhetoric and be well behaved is something i always look forward to.

On 26th May 2022 Kenyan parliament did host the 19th annual national prayer breakfast at a Nairobi hotel where President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto graced the event.

While presiding over the event that attracted more than 3000 people, Archbishop Anthony Muheria urged Kenyans to remain peaceful as the election campaigns hot’s up.

“Today we are here to pray and we are pleading with God almost fearfully because like the disciples in the Sea of Galilee, we find ourselves facing a storm…we see elections coming and it’s a storm brewing. Our ship is being rocked by the rising exchange of ungodly words and incitements,” he said.

“Like the people of Israel lost in the dessert Kenya is still lost in the wilderness of selfish interests, of glorified evil, of people living in fear of doing good , of doing right because it has become popular to do evil….we are chained in the spirit of fear,” he preached.

Chief Justice Martha Koome also reiterated the importance of peace this electioneering period calling on leaders to exercise refrain.

“This particular season being a time for contested electioneering I pray for those who might be tempted to divide our nation for their selfish reasons, we join in one accord to pray against the spirit of fear of violence that is related to elections, “she prayed.

She also spared some time to talk about how the judiciary had fallen short of its expectations in delivering justice to Kenyans who wait for years in corridors of justice.

“We confess that we have delayed justice. We confess that we have let murderers and other criminals go scot free ….and invited God to walk with us as we continue to transform this country through the vision that we unveiled that we call transforming the judiciary through access to justice,” CJ Koome prayed.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on the other hand urged leaders to work towards a more united country after the election.

“Therefore today we once again affirm our power of togetherness where all of us not withstanding our political shades , our religious shades we all come together united in prayer…so my earnest prayer is that this unity of purpose and our shared humanity that has been displayed today will endure in every aspect of our lives going forward,” he said.

With the clock ticking towards the 5th Presidential transition in the country President Kenyatta promised to abide by requirements of the constitution.

“Even as we engage in the upcoming contest this year we know that the task of building a nation is a task that is passed from generation to a generation, a generation of leaders are therefore called upon to pass that button unbroken and I intend to do just that,” he assured.

While attending there last national prayer meeting before the end of their term Deputy President William Ruto offered a general apology first to his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta if he had failed to meet his expectations during their time in office

“I may have fallen short of expectations of my boss his Excellency the president I ask your forgiveness …I know also in this journey many people have hurt me but on this prayer breakfast I forgive everybody,” Deputy President Ruto said.

The prayer breakfast which is now a national ritual now on its 19th year and in keeping with tradition was a prayer breakfast with heavy political undertones. The undertones began with the sitting arrangements; out when the tradition of sitting the President and the Deputy President together and in came a new setup.

President Uhuru Kenyatta shared his table with Chief Justice Martha Koome and the Attorney General Kihara Kariuki , Deputy President Willim Ruto sat at a different table ironically sharing the table with his Kenya kwanza alias national assembly speaker Justin Muturi and senates speaker Kenneth Lusaka.

Wasn’t it ironical to see the top leaders of our country praying for good things to happen in our nation, some even apologizing but they just couldn’t share a table? If the two National leaders could not manage their differences in full glare of the cameras and to make matters worse during a national function how do you expect a common mwananchi not to replicate the same when they differ with each other? The two should be at the forefront in setting an example for others especially due to their status in society because if they don’t surely who will?


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