Soundcity Radio marks first anniversary

Soundcity Radio marks first anniversary


Soundcity Radio, the fresh sound hit the Kenya airwaves in 2021 amid the coronavirus pandemic, is marking its first anniversary.

With over 15 years of setting the agenda in African pop culture, Soundcity is now proudly and fully Kenyan and has spent the last year waking up the nation daily to a well-delivered great dose of quality radio.

Following a year of full commercial transmission and continuous improvement on their very peculiar and in high demand playlists, Soundcity Radio Network has fully inspired a youthful demographic across the nation into embracing with great pride, pop music made by Kenyans and their brethren across the continent.

The station has kept the youth in tune with their constantly changing environment. To make sure they were, the station went to one of Kenya’s TikTok sensation and content creator Azziad Nasenya to host their breakfast show dubbed #WhatsUP254 that airs between 6am to 10am, from Monday to Friday.

Soundcity Group Head of Radio for Africa, Jonathan James Lyamgohn, said they proud that Kenya has found Soundcity Radio to be a pleasant experience.

Presenters at Soundcity Radio. PHOTO | COURTESY

“We are also proud to have on air the youngest, most vibrant and most professional team of on-air talents that are fast becoming the latest best friends and go-to companions for young Kenyans,” Lyamgohn said.

Station programmes director, Duncan Musicha, added that audience measurement rankings, received from IPSOS, indicate that the station has been well received.

“We believe that our well-crafted day part approach to programming and the connection our presenters share with the audience has been at the heart of this reception amongst Kenyans,” he said.

The radio operates on mainly music-led programmes that run across four main hour blocks which include Whats Up 254, mid-morning show Habari Shuffle, afternoon show The Take Over and The Home Run hosted by finally Kenya’s golf sensation Jeremy Wahome.

Sales Director, Florence Maina said their Brookside studios have been an exciting place that has hosted clients who have taken a chance in engaging with them.

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